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Edge For Us….Weak Little Fucks


“Your dick gets harder and harder for us…you get weak..you get stupid, you feel helpless….yes of course, all of those things naturally occur for a boy like you. Nothing else matters except the hardness of your cock……and eventually after your resistance has broken….. after your nuts have swollen to the size of golf balls…you’ll join our site. That’s when we really start to work you out. We’ll own your dick. We’ll control your balls. Our members love to experience total loss of control……”


Tease & Denial Jerk Off Instruction


London Lix is one of those clever, really quite skillful tease and denial jerk off instruction specialists. She understands how the male mind works. What arouses you, what causes you to edge, the differences between gentle sweet girly encouragement and abusive acid tongued degradation.

“Here’s how it’s going to work. When I let you edge, I’m going to be as sweet as possible, and when I tell you to stop, I’m going to be really fucking mean to you and fuck with that loser head of yours. You’re going to have to endure my humiliation with your hands off of your dick and that’s the part you’re going to like the most! You crave my humiliation more than my sweet tone. So it’s going to be pure torture.

Your cock will be twitching, throbbing, and bouncing in the air as you listen to me verbally mindfuck you! I’m going to tear into your soul with my words. And then, I’m going to let you edge again and be ever so sweet until I stop you again and again with my vicious verbal assaults. You’re going to fucking love this!”

London Lix is one of our favourites. She is your next total mental meltdown. See more of her at Humiliation POV. The best in Femdom POV jerk off instruction.

So Mean, So Hot, Drain His Balls

femdom empire milking slaves

Its beta boy milking day at Femdom Empire and with the girls looking so hot in this clip (two ultra hot blonde mistresses) they have the slave virtually edging in no time at all. They don’t let him him cum too easily though, sadistic tease and denial games are played. But wow, when he does shoot its like a fountain of submissive spunk. They let go of his penis and ruin it of course. They’re So mean, so hot, and so Femdom Empire.

Slave’s Milking Day


After 3 weeks of chastity Mistress Chanel’s slave is ripe for milking and she has a new device to make sure she extracts every single drop of cum from those heavy swollen balls. OMG it’s the Cum Extractor 9000x and I bet it feels amazing on his submissive little cock.

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