Be A Good Boy For Her

slow thumb massage cock
You’ve been such a good boy for me. All this time waiting so patiently for your long deserved cum. Serving me so well every night with your tongue, I’ve had so many orgasms whilst you haven’t had any.

But tonight is the night that my pet can finally release all that pent up male sexual tension. I know there’s a massive load in these balls, so much cum, and your just seconds away from exploding…

But baby, I’m going to give you a choice. You can have your big full satisfying male orgasm, shooting that huge cumload all over my tits….or you can go back into your chastity cage for another unbelievably frustrating week. Wow baby, isn’t that exciting for you? So much power for such a little boy. Just to let you know, I really would prefer to see you back in your cage for another week. That would really impress me and please me so much. You do love to please you Mistress don’t you?

So what’s it gonna be baby? It’s totally your choice my pet.

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