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divine goddess jessica

“Just seeing my perfect ass wrapped in this tight dress is enough for you to cream your pants, isn’t it loser? You’re pounding away at your cock like a boy who’s just discovered orgasms.”

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Courtney’s Cruel Tease

Slutty Dominant Mistresses make your cock dance and sing.

chastity tormentCourtney’s Cruel Tease
Mistress Courtney plays a cruel chastity game with her imprisoned pet. The harder she can make his cock, the more the painful it is, as his trapped dick presses against the bars.

Enter The Femdom Empire

You Can Cum Tonight Baby…

It’s so demoralizing for men when She lets you out of chastity, tells you you can cum tonight, and you don’t even make it anywhere near her pussy. Lengthy periods of chastity will turn most men into premature ejaculators, adding to their total humiliation. Hence, submissive men tend to be very good at licking pussy 🙂

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